Meme: "Rolled Camo Sleeves...So Hot right Now"
Cartoon of 2 Men in Uniform
The Army Times has reported that the approved evolution for combat fatigues has gone from cuffing to rolling, always camo side out.
Comic strip
According to the Army memo: • Commanders may authorize rolled sleeves effective immediately. • The memo applies to the Army Combat Uniform in the Universal Camouflage Pattern, Operational Camouflage Pattern or Operation Enduring Freedom Camouflage Pattern. • Sleeves will be rolled with the camo facing out. • Sleeves will be rolled neatly above the elbow but no more than 3 inches above the elbow. • Sleeves may be down and cuffed upon commander approval and only during field training exercises.
US Army Diagram on Rolled Sleeves
Left and Right comparison of rolled sleeves
This has been a hot topic on the web and most are excited about being given the thumbs up, that allows them to cool down.  Congrats to all who voiced their opinion and were heard!  America will continue to roll up their sleeves & get to work.
Man with rolled sleeve in Uniform
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