If you’re going to be prepared by carrying a firearm, knife or other defense implement with you, why not be prepared with some good clothing as well?  I don’t mean go straight cargo pants or camouflage gear, I just mean wear clothing that’s going to allow you some dynamic movement and allow for functional use in a worst-case scenario. pants I once taught a course where we talked to the students about casual, non-tactical dress to conduct daily business.  This clothing needed to be capable of handling a tactical scenario, but not look tactical.  Ultimately we always ended up with some students looking like the 5.11 catalog.  The majority of the rest evidently used The North Face catalog.  My point here is that you want functional clothing but don’t always want to look tactical.  You want to be able to conduct daily business and look professional, but also have comfortable and functional clothes.  Enter Tactical Distributors line of clothing.  My mindset as an everyday-carry guy and active duty military member doesn’t allow me to not be prepared at all times.  That’s also why I like some of the recent pants Tactical Distributors has put out, because I know if I need to perform tactically they will handle the task.

pants left side view
pants right side view

The pants I’m writing about are the Neptune and Carlos Ray 2.0 pants.  Both are excellent for everyday use.  They’re not necessarily pants that you’re going to pair a button up shirt and tie with, but they are good looking pants.  Both are functional and can be worn during an intense workout.  While I haven’t gotten to try out all of the TD line of apparel, I’m impressed with what I see and impressed with what I have tried so far.

Let’s take a look at each of these pants.  First we’ll go with the Neptune’s.  These are about as light as a pant can be, but have proven to be tough in the time I’ve used them.  They breathe well and shed water well.  I’ve done workouts where I was doing heavy get-ups and any number of exercises that require bending and knee flexion as well as climbing.  Are they the best breathing material out there? No, but they do perform satisfactory in that department.  For the lightness and other features, you cant’ beat them.  I may find myself getting another pair of these because I’ve enjoyed wearing them so much.  They are a great pant to go right from the office into a workout.  They also dry quick enough to go back to work if you need to.  Provided your workplace doesn’t mind your post-workout odor.

pants deep mesh pockets view

The deep mesh pockets hold things well and allow water to drain right out should you find yourself in a body of water while wearing them.  The zippered left leg pocket is a nice feature as well.  Extra pockets can always come in handy when you need to stow some gear or dry mags.  Personally, it’s a good spot for an ID and badge that won’t get in your way of movement while you workout.  My gym requires a badge to gain entry, so having an “out of the way” place for it is great.  The sizing on these pants is just right and I couldn’t be happier with them.  As far as durability, I recently completed a pretty extensive and full day of combative and weapons retention drills in them with no issues.

Next up is the Carlos Ray 2.0 pant.  The Neptune is more on the “great pant to workout in” side and the Carlos Ray 2.0 is more on the “great pant for range time side”.  However, both are good for either activity as well as more casual events.  Feel free to wear them chasing Pokemon or whatever other activities you do.  These pants are built for wear and tear.  All of the pockets have reinforced edges so if you’re clipping things on or constantly pushing things in like magazines you won’t fray them easily.  Each back pocket has an inner pocket that will fit a magazine without interfering with the normal location you put your wallet(the mags pictured are Daniel Defense 32 round mags).  This is a nice feature, but takes some getting used to.  There are times I went to put my wallet back up and had a tough time because I was trying to fit it in the smaller inner pocket.

These pants are ideal for those times when you want to go to the range and have some utility, but may have to head to your kids dance recital afterwards.  That is of course, provided you aren’t doing anything too dynamic on the range.  If you do though, I’m sure these pants will hold up.

The bottom line here is that it’s nice to have a company like Tactical Distributors stepping into the clothing arena and providing quality products that meet the needs of the tactical and “everyday carry” crowd.  If you’re searching for something with those extra features you wish you had on some name brand outdoor apparel, you’ll probably find them on the TD line of clothing. Contributor- Chad Ray

Jesse Curtis