As you know by now, from previous posts on the Loadout Room, I am always looking for the best pair of low-visibility, action-oriented pants with the ability to stash all my EDC gear. I have owned The Tactical Distributors - Stand Your Ground (SYG) Jeans and previously wrote about those, but the TD McQuade Jean - Lightweight Tactical Jeans top the charts.

I pre-ordered the jeans and couldn’t wait for them to arrive. However, on the day they arrived; my excitement turned to disappointment after a button failure; the brass grommet completely popped off. I quickly called TD, sent pictures, explained the situation, was informed a new pair would be rapidly delivered, and they apologized for the gear malfunction. I can honestly say that TD’s customer service is the best I have seen; no need to wait for the old gear to be sent back, they sent the pants overnight. I would like to personally give my thanks to John Ball at TD’s customer service for one of the best interactions. I am sure many of you in Law Enforcement, Professional Military Contracting, or in the Military will be thankful for getting gear when you need it and with no hassles.

"TD is truly a fantastic purveyor of tactical equipment."


The first thing you will notice is the sturdiness of the 12-ounce denim; they certainly don’t feel like most lightweight material pants, and you wouldn’t know until you put them on, that there are any stretch materials. Once you get these “bad-ass” pants on you will notice that there is no skinny in these, the folks at TD made these for us with Ruck-legs and come in two colors; grey and dark indigo. The dark indigo color and golden thread lines are impeccable for blending into any country where denim is the pant of choice. The straight-leg pant is perfect for action-oriented foot wear and doesn’t flair like many stretch types after a few washings.

Of course, you will want to know about the CCW and EDC options these jeans have or else, why would I be talking about these? These jeans have nine (9) pockets designed for standard AR-15 type magazines with reinforced stitching, pocket edges to reduce the wear, and rivets to keep the pant in the fight. The front zipper is a heavy-duty YKK zipper for when you need QRF. The normal coin pocket on these jeans, is deep for a variety of tools. Additionally, my favorite part of with all the TD jeans is the hidden-double-front pocket that can hide knife clips for additional concealment and is designed for holding pistol mags. In addition to wide and heavily stitched belt loops, the jeans come with TD’s Velcro patch on the back so you can adhere you favorite moto-patch. The stretch built-in is perfect for retzev, rucking, or “Chuck Noris’ing” the crap out of loud mouth a-holes. Yeah, they make you feel like you’re Lone Wolf McQuade!


From Richard Moore, The Loadout Room

TD Blog Contributor