We would like to present you with third edition in our TD’s Artist T-Shirt Series.  We want to keep showcasing different American art styles and point of views.

TD’s Artist T-Shirt Series
About the Artist - John Taber

I'm a Graphic/UI Designer from Buffalo, currently living in New York City. In 2012, I graduated with a degree in design, moved to New York and began my career as an illustrator. Over the years, I've defined my style to be bold, with an extreme attention to line quality and details. Throughout my professional career, I've worked hard to not only increase my illustration skills, but also my abilities as a well rounded artist. I work with anything from websites and apps, to prints and infographics.

For your design for Tactical Distributors, I wanted to illustrate something bold and bad-ass. Leopards are agile, quick and stealthy, the perfect animal to represent the brand.

  1. Do you shoot firearms? Yes
  2. What’s your fav firearms activity(ie-hunting, range…etc.)? Mostly shoot at the range when pistol shooting. When Clay shooting or clay targets, I shoot with a shotgun
  3. How do were introduced to firearms?  My father always hunted when I was little and introduced me to firearms at a young age. Growing up I was around them daily.
  4. What’s your fav piece of gear? I love crossbreed super tuck holsters. I have one for everything I carry
  5. Do you have an Everyday Carry item that you can’t live without? I like to carry most sub compact with a super tuck holster. I carry the glock 42 mostly but sometimes the Springfield xds 9mm too.
V_Mart41 at Desk on Computer

To see more of my work, follow me on Instagram at V_Mart41, and check my website https://johntaber23.com

Jesse Curtis