How the Jedburgh shirt was born:

TD and Re-Factor have had a long standing relationship. Over the years of doing business, talking on the phone and sharing beers we always wanted to create something together. On a conference call one of the guys from Re-Factor was complaining about how all the "tactical" cover shirts that were offered in the market sucked. They were too big, had terrible prints or colors and did not have the functionality for someone who needs to use one for "work". From there we bounced around ideas for a few months. After we felt we had a good design we tested a multitude of fabrics to find the perfect weight, stretch and breath-ability. Once we selected the fabric we went through 6-7 samples to get the fit correct. While all of these elements were in the works we were testing snaps, zippers and pocket sizes. After a year of trial and error we felt we had something to go to market with. Then someone (I can't recall who) said why don't we take what we have and ask the consumer to add their feedback. Hence the BETA test. Many companies have sent their products to this special group or that special group. But to our knowledge we are the first to offer up a tactical clothing piece to the general public at a rock bottom price to get real user feedback. So, when we are done evaluating the reviews and implementing all of your feedback we will have the best cover shirt on the market because we made it with you, not for you.

TD x RE Factor JedBurgh Cover Shirt

We sold out of this bad ass shirt in less than 24 hours!  Due to the unique niche design & extremely marked down price, the community jumped at the opportunity.  Now we are just waiting for feed back from you, the end-user.  Based on what we & our friends at RE Factor have evaluated in house and consumer suggestions, we will tweak the design to become the ultimate conceal carry shirt.

We will follow up with a questionnaire for all those who received the shirt to gather as much test & evaluation data as possible to create the second generation of the JedBurgh.  This beta project is the first of its kind between the two companies.  To all that participate, thank you!  We are already anticipating a great success for the lifetime of this shirt and cannot wait to restock it.  Please make sure you sign up for our newsletter to stay in the know with all of our new releases.

The JedBurg Cover shirt is the first shirt design for those who carry, by those who carry. Tactical Distributors and Re-Factor Tactical are setting out to make the perfect cover shirt with the design help of our customers and professionals. The shirt you are purchasing today is being offered at a deep discount but gives us the ability to get the shirt into your hands so you can provide us with much-needed feedback on how to make it the perfect fit. 

TD x RE Factor JedBurgh Cover Shirt features diagram

The JedBurg's appearance is designed to allow you to blend into everyday life. We offer an athletic cut that allows for enough room for your pistol but still gives a nice appearance for everyday wear. The pearl button snaps give you quick access to your pistol and the reinforced inner walls of the shirt help you clear the pistol for your draw. In addition, we placed pockets at the bottom of the shirt that said in swinging the shirt when conducting a draw. 

Finally, we include a stretch fabric throughout to allow you to easily present your pistol or maneuver if needed. 

When you purchase this shirt you will be given a link to provide feedback on the shirt. We hope you will give us your feedback to take our current design and make it perfect. In addition to purchasing this shirt, you will receive a discount code for the final design when it becomes available.

  • Designed by shooters for shooters
  • Athletic Fit w/Air-wicking material
  • Easy access pearl snaps
  • Passport sized breast pocket 3 total interior pockets for concealing 
  • Lower pockets aid in pistol draw
  • Inner reinforced areas reduce pistol "printing" and offer easy draw access
  • Stretch material offer the ability to present the pistol with or without concealed body armor
  • Fabric- 60% Cotton 35% Nylon 5% Elastane

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