No idea where to start this season in getting the perfect gift for the gun owner in your life? Do you have a gun guy or gal that you want to give them a gift they will love but don't know where to start? It can be tough finding a gun-related gift for that avid shooter in your life regardless of personal experience. We want to make it a little easier for you, so we gathered a list of the best gifts for gun owners that they will love.


Keeping a firearm clean is one of the most important things a gun owner can do, no matter if they own rifles, handguns or, shotguns. While a universal gun cleaning kit is always handy, consider where a gun owner often must clean the gun. Most of the time it is in the home and CLP, debris, and dirt can happen. A TekMat is a perfect gift to help the gun owner in your life protect both their firearm and any surfaces they use to keep their gun clean.

Electronic Hearing Protection

Even if the gun owner in your life has a set of ear protection, having an extra set in their range bag or bug out bag is always extremely helpful. While there are many types of ear protection out there, one of our personal favorites is the Howard Leight Impact Sport Electronic Ear Pro. High-quality protection at an affordable price, cancels out gunfire, has a long battery life so that you and your friends can have a conversation while on the range, picks up sounds from yards away yet shuts off impact sounds over 82db, and has a port for radio or iPhone.

Ammo, Kits, MOLLE, and Mission Critical

When carrying a bunch of ammo on your person, like for skeet shooting, your gun lover no doubt wants to have a neat and organized means to access that ammo. Whether LEO, Military, or hobbyist, having a place for every mission or task critical item is no double important to them. Our customer favorites include the RE Factor Drive-by Kit, HSGI Double Pistol TACO MOLLE, High-Speed Gear's Pistol Taco, and Ferro Concepts Turnover Triple 556.

At Tactical Distributors it is always our pleasure to offer a supply of the industry's top-rated, highest quality gear, kits, equipment, and accessories for professional or hobbyist kits alike. When you need the right gift for the gun enthusiast in your life, we'll have your back. Questions about our tactical gear? Contact us, it is our pleasure to serve you!

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