It is a preferred load-carry option for many of the military, law enforcement and is now becoming popular for the civilian market as well. The plate carrier has become one of the most predominant pieces of gear resulting in a market flooded with designs that might make it more difficult to choose the right carrier for you.

Sizing and configuration for your plate carrier are essential, but the importance of, and uses of plate carriers is also a crucial factor to consider before getting one.

When it comes to protection whether it's sentry detail, vehicle checkpoints, MOUT, close-quarters battle or quick reaction force missions—the importance of a plate carrier becomes obvious. It makes sense to want the most protection available when you, your squad, your team or buddy are trying to rush to a mission objective with live rounds all around you.

Civilians may not always be faced with live rounds whizzing over their heads day in and day out, but being able to protect themselves from live ammunition is no less important. If ever a civilian needs to barricade themselves or their loved ones in a room during a home invasion, having a plate carrier is not only a good idea but crucial.

Some suggestions to consider when it comes to plate carriers is what you'll be using them for and where they will be worn.

If you are going to be working low-profile conditions or looking for simple as well as affordable options then you'll probably want to look at the Ferro Concepts ADAPT Kangaroo Front Flap, or the Ferro Concepts ADAPT MOLLE Front Flap to maintain that much needed low-profile. These carriers have less real estate but can be used with chest rigs or modular clip-on panels.

Also if speed and being mobile are important, remember that steel and ceramic plates are weightier than PE plates.

For full or side armor capability, you'll no doubt want more space to mount pouches and add armor plates. For heavy-duty protection, take a look at either the RE Factor X Ferro Concepts Advanced Slickster or the Ferro Concepts PCPC V5 Base.

Protection is the number one use of any plate carriers, whether you're armed security, law enforcement, military, arms collector or protecting yourself and loved ones. For mag storage on your body, a plate carrier is also the perfect solution for keeping your ammunition at hand when you need it.

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