What You Need For a Pandemic

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Expecting a pandemic is a phrase many civilians are not familiar with. Military and First Responders, Survivalists and Medical staff on the front lines may be better prepared, but what do they prepare with? What do you need during a pandemic? What do they use during a pandemic?

Keep a level head, and some of these next items to help you get by during these difficult times:

Bugout Bag

Most familiar with a bugout bag tend to keep two. One bugout bag holds enough supplies for roughly 3 days, while the second holds enough for 2 weeks. You don't need to get too hung up on which one, choose the best for you, either 3 days or 2 weeks--but it isn't a bad idea to keep a bugout bag because you never know when you need to leave and quickly.

Get a quality backpack, like the Nixon Smith Backpack SE II, or the Haley Strategic Flatpack. If a backpack or rucksack isn't obtainable with your budget currently, even a 5-gallon bucket to keep emergency gear and supplies together is better than nothing.

What should you keep in the bugout bag? Here are the essentials:

  • Flashlight
  • Extra batteries, extra cell phone batteries, power banks, and chargers.
  • Multitool

• First aid kit, suggestions are: a kit with dressings for real trauma such as a tourniquet, painkillers, pressure bandages, band-aids, antibiotic cream, cold and allergy meds, anti-diarrheal medications, 2-3 pairs of medical gloves, trauma pads, roller bandage (for sprains), burn treatment, small injuries, alcohol prep pads, 2-6 q-tips, hand sanitizer, and of course any medication you may take for any health issues you have.


  • Survival food, canned and non-perishable goods. Coffee and tea for those that need it throughout the day.
  • Water supply – The longer the crises, the more you'll want to ensure you have the means to filter and store water. There are a variety of filters available and a collapsible 5-gallon water storage container will help you keep a clean water supply on hand.

As you can see, you don't need a huge stockpile to be able to survive during a pandemic or emergency. A few choice purchases in both supply and precautions and you should be able to thrive during these chaotic times.


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