You probably know already that Salomon FORCES has been creating top-of-the-line sports and outdoor footwear for almost 70 years. You might even be familiar with their reputation for high-performing footwear that can tackle some of the most extreme terrains, but do you know why Salomon is top-tier for tactical boots?

Lightweight yet Rugged

Salomon's ability to ensure their tactical boots remain lightweight for ultimate maneuverability is one of the many trademarks of the brand. Trusted materials such as GORE-TEX ensure that their all conditions tactical boots keep you moving fast for critical situations. Every component in a Salomon tactical boot gets reinforcement, from the stitching to the mesh, to the laces and the outsole for a guaranteed hardy boot. Models such as the XA Pro 3D and XA Force Mid were explicitly designed for Special Operations and Law Enforcement units, answering a much-needed gear call. Salomon doesn't skimp on ankle stability and support either.

Stability and Comfort

Solomon's 3D Advanced Chassis keeps your foot even no matter how unstable the terrain you encounter will be. Placement is between the outsole and midsole, engineered to be low-profile and optimize energy management and protection. That keeps your foot securely in place and protected thanks to a heavy-duty shock-absorbing EVA foam with dual density. Additionally, many service members and customers report that Salomon's tactical boots feel more like running tactical shoes and can be used immediately with minimal break-in time.

Salomon's Quest 4D goes further, offering a removable dual-density Ortholite footbed with antimicrobial treatment to deter odors. This removable footbed won't break down or lose effectiveness over time. Thanks to the company's use of Contragrip® MD outsole and rugged lug pattern, hard-packed dirt, loose rocks, screen, paved or concrete, slick or soft surfaces aren't a problem.

Why Your Next Tactical Boots Should Be a Pair of Salomons

The reasons why Salomon boots remain top tier are simple: few tactical boots come close to the quality, attention to detail, hardiness, support, commitment to comfort, and ultimate durability you'll find in a pair of Salomons. These boots are some of our customers' most wanted and highly rated tactical footwear. Expect it right here at Tactical Distributors, in partnership with Salomon when it comes to the best.

Jesse Curtis