It began as a commitment to an idea: the idea that tactical equipment deserved to be affordable and 100% reliable in quality and safety. In 2006 that idea developed into Tactical Distributors LLC, and we moved from wholesale distributors to become one of the top recognized online retailers in the country.

Since then, the TD logo has become synonymous with dedication, premium quality, and availability of one of the largest civilian, military, and LEO inventories. Our double horsehead logo, representative of the tactical strategy of a game of chess and the power of great tactical decisions, represented everything most important to Tactical Distributors:

  • Intelligent, quality customer support and service
  • Working closely with top brand partnerships to provide the best inventory of reliable, trustworthy brands
  • Commitment to providing affordable pricing for premium products
  • Dedication to supporting and supplying the men and women who serve

Over the years, TD has worked tirelessly to improve and go above and beyond in every aspect, including releasing some of the most exclusive collaborations and our very own one-of-a-kind tactical-inspired outdoor brand: MTHD. And while our core beliefs have never changed, we continue to grow and evolve here at TD.

Tactical Distributors logo of three lightning bolts

In 2022, it's time for Tactical Distributors to showcase how far we've come and how much further we want to go. In every company, there comes a time when it's essential to look closely at all you've achieved, how better we've become, and to reflect that to our customers visually. If you've been a customer with us since 2006, you've undoubtedly come along with us as we've grown bigger, bolder, and more focused than ever. As our professional reputation and presence have continued to adapt over the years, we knew the time would come when it was right to reveal a new logo!

Tactical Distributors logo TAC DIS

We're so happy to announce the launch of TD's new logo as part of the ongoing development of our company's brand. We believe this new logo represents the key elements that convey our mission while remaining true to our core tenants and the reputation we've built with your support.

While our old logo did a fantastic job and we'll miss it—it's time for TD to move on to bigger and better things! Onward to our wonderful future together, TD family.

TDM Developer