two men standing in an open field wearing denim jeans
Tactical Distributors denim jeans being worn
group of men wearing TD Denim jeans
group of people wearing various pants, Vans, and Viktos boots
Man standing in front center wearing Tactical Distributors Neptune Pants and R + R Tee
2 men standing in an open field near an off road vehicle
man standing in open field with back faced towards camera
man wearing TD Tap Rack Bang Tee, holding coffee and donut in open field
man sitting on a dirt bike wearing a helmet and backpack
person adjusting training equipment
group of men wearing shorts and hats along pool

We took a trip out to the Arizona desert to shoot guns, ride bikes and rip through dust. We joined talents with guys at Live Q or Die, LBT & a local AZ photographer & shared a sick Airbnb worthy of an episode on MTV Cribs. We were also lucky enough to get linked up with some of the local cool kids who served as our subjects for this shoot. They stunted so hard in our clothes & on their Harley’s...burnin’ out & poppin’ wheelies! Never a dull moment on this wild ride. The vibrant colors & patterns up against the desert & cacti backdrop surpassed our vision. It felt like a movie set ranging from Bedrock to Mad Max, lending itself to tell a well-dressed & armed drifter story.

Fit breakdown: Each item consists of the same DNA extracted from our greatest hits over the years. Constantly evolving in both style & function. Striving to integrate stretch, intelligent pocket placement & thoughtful details. Essential capabilities that were born to perform or get you through the everyday norm. Fabric selection is key, we aim to balance tough durability & lightweight breathability for comfort & ease.

Case & point the tride & true fan fav Neptune Pants/Shorts. They stand out with the poly blended quick dry stretch fabric for high kicks & laser perforations to air out your nether regions. We quickly describe it as a boardshort pant with clean lines. They do work whether its bid-ness causal or the summer sun.

Working hard or hardly working? The Loung Lizards lead a double life, be it comfy chillin’ or poppin’ party these babies shine. Grab a pair, make a statement & enjoy the no flinch price tag, both make you do a double take!

The Water Cat Boardshorts were designed and tested by surfers. Made from micro ripstop speed dry stretch fabric and has a welded pocket on the back to reduce bulk. Can’t kill these Point Break vibes, no matter if you lean more Swayze or Keanu. You’ll be calling people kooks in no time.

The comeback of the Dad shirt has been a strong warm weather demand & Aloha Button Ups answered! These showstoppers are made from soft stretch material that breathes well and moves with the user (air out them pits). This year's prints go hard, featuring our standout OG Miami Tiger Stripe that has now become a trend & heavily replicated in its own right.  Apropos to us tumble-weeding through the AZ sand, our Day of Dead print is a conversation piece in both color & graphics. If you're more of a classic type-o-dude, you can never go wrong with our Frogskin Camo selection.

The TD team has been producing unique cut-&-sew clothing for over a decade with strong backgrounds in streetwear, snowboard & outdoor industries. We have been able to hone our creativity together, pulling from our own life journeys, skills & experiences, parlaying them into problem-solving details that make sense for your lifestyle. With our powers combined we have been inspired by all aspects of an active go-getter's needs & turned them into WANTS. Our intention is to provide a mix of interests & style that include but are not limited to tactical activities.

Early mornings & late nights.

We came to kick ass & take names, so you look damn good doin’ the same!


<3-TD Gang