ADC Tie Breaker CQC Knife Kit DE - Gunmetal/Red

$ 295.00

The Tie-Breaker CQC Knife Kit has an impressive amount of value. It includes the Live Blade, Trainer Blade, a marking kit for force-on-force practice, and a sheath.

The Tie-Breaker CQC is a collaboration between edged weapons instructor Kevin Tomas of Applied Defense Concepts and knife-maker Blake Sudo of Hammerhead Knife Works.  It's expressly designed for close-quarters altercations and can be deployed from your concealed EDC or tactical system.   

The Tie-Breaker CQC is intended to be used in close-quarters, entangled fighting.  At the top of the tang, the glove-sized retention ring ensures the tool is almost impossible to strip from the user's hand during grappling as well as keeping it secured while deploying a firearm.    The top of the ring is squared off, indented, and gimped to allow for multiple indexing positions. 

The modified drop-point has a reinforced tip that allows the bypassing of thick clothing, effortlessly.  The sharpened back-edge expands the knife’s capabilities by allowing the use to use devastating retraction cuts typically seen with Pikal knives.  At three inches, the blade’s length makes it adaptable for both concealment and tactical use.  

Every Tie-Breaker is crafted by Blake Sudo of Hammerhead Knife Works in Virginia, USA.  The 80CRV2 premium steel blade is formed into a modified drop point that seamlessly blends sleek lines with chiseled and artistic forge marks.  Each blade has a superior heat treat that ensures durability under use and is protected by a handsome Black Stonewash finish.  The gunmetal gray scales are unique and beautifully stunning and accented with crimson liners..  Included is a quality kydex sheath with a HLR Discreet Gear Clip which allow for carry with or without a belt! A length of paracord for neck carry and horizontal belt adapter are also included to give you multiple carry options.

These knives are meant to be trained with! A synthetic trainer will be included in every box. Designed around ADC’s Combative Edge knife fighting system, we felt this knife would be incomplete without a training tool that would allow the end-user to perform solo practice or spar with.

To take our trainer to the NEXT LEVEL, we have also included a special marking blade kit in every package. This industrial-strength kit includes a marking-surface strip and a special marking chalk. It is up to the end-user to decide if they wish to install this kit or leave it in the box. Installing it turns your trainer into a “Simunitions Blade”, allowing you and your partners to cut through the BS and and get visual feedback on who is getting tagged and where. This kind of training provides valuable data to increase skill and survivability.


When you purchase a Tie-Breaker knife, you are buying for life. Every blade is heirloom-quality, designed with attention to the smallest details. Every knife comes with a limited lifetime guarantee and free sharpening for life. The whole package comes READY with everything you would need for comfortable carry, realistic training, and peace of mind that you have purchased a tool you can be proud of.