AXL Equinox Cummerbund

$ 140.95
SKU: 13103-S/M-BLK
Color: Black

The Equinox Cummerbund is a rigid, lightweight cummerbund with a captured FirstSpear® Tubes™ attachment. The captured Tubes™ release mechanism allows the cummerbund to have the strength and load bearing of a rigid, structural cummerbund with the speed of doffing and donning of the tubes system. 


  • Rigid First Spear Tubes Attachment
  • A strong, low-profile interface 
  • MOLLE/PALS on both sides
  • Crye Smart Pouch Suite compatible

Compatible with shockcord style cummerbund carriers:

  • Spiritus Overt/OTB
  • Crye SPC (SPC Tubes Adapters Required)
  • Crye AVS (SPC Tubes Adapters OR Standard Tubes Adapters Required)
  • Crye JPC/MBAV (Standard Tubes Adapters Required)
  • Shaw ARC V2
  • USMC PC Gen II (Standard Tubes Adapters Required)
  • Matbock Berserker V3 (Standard Tubes Adapters Required)


  • Left and Right Cummerbund with female Tubes
  • Shockcord 
  • 2x Cummerbund Retainer


  • S/M cummerbund is 11 MOLLE channels (17.5" long)
  • L/XL cummerbund is 14 MOLLE channels (22" long)