Crye G3 Combat Shirt Frogskin Jungle

$ 249.99


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The Crye design created an unusual movement. When Crye Precision developed the first version of what is now considered their signature shirt, they knew that it was something exceptional—but had no idea how it would lead to such widespread adoption.

The Crye G3 Combat Shirt was engineered from the ground up to withstand the unique rigors of combat itself and be worn under body armor. The G3 Combat Shirt will keep you cool as well as ultra-comfortable under your plate carrier with its moisture-wicking, lightweight, breathable FR torso fabric from DRIFIRE®. The Crye G3 Combat Shirt features sleeves created from reinforced, Mil-Spec 50/50 NyCo ripstop and engineered to be used with the removable Airflex™ Elbow Pads. A zip Mandarin style collar makes donning and doffing quick as well as easy, keeping slings and straps off your neck, and hot brass from getting stuck down your shirt.

Made to fit the warfighter in mind, movement within the G3 Combat shirt will not be restricted so that your entire range of motion is never impeded.

The Crye G3 Combat Shirt was so revolutionary in its design to include 2 different types of fabric for exceptional comfort and flexibility that other companies scrambled to try and reproduce. But not all combat shirts are equal. When you need reliable, extremely durable, and the best in the industry, accept no substitutes! The Crye G3 Combat Shirt's extensive attention to the details that make a difference in combat situations makes this a must-have for clothing that goes above and beyond as you do.

Made in the U.S. from U.S. materials, each arm features pockets and loop Velcro attachments, the durable 50/50 Ripstop NYCO fabric, and for additional protection, other features include:

  • Pen pocket and eyepro holder
  • Double layer bicep pocket
  • Comfort placket behind zipper