DAKA Can, Large

$ 23.70
By Magpul
Color: FDE

Building on the success of its predecessor, the DAKA Can, Large shares many of the same features as our original DAKA Can, with the added benefit of a larger form factor for expanded storage options. Designed to fit large eyewear such as the Magpul Defiant, the DAKA Can Large is a rugged, weather and dust-resistant, high-strength, injection-molded polymer storage solution.

An updated, soft-surfaced, high-density foam completely lines the interior, ensuring lenses, electronics, and other precious items remain secure and out of the elements. The top-loading lid, outfitted with a robust steel hinge, closes with a secure snap, locking shut securely to protect your valuable gear from dirt, dust, and moisture. The DAKA Can, Large makes a great, crush-resistant storage solution for larger personal items, such as medical gear, cigars, travel tools, loose ammunition, personal hygiene items, and much more.