Ferro Concepts The Single Point Slingster

$ 57.50
Color: MultiCam

The Single Point Slingster® was developed out of the need to have an adjustable padded sling on Sub Guns.  The differences between The Single Point Slingster® and the regular 2 point Slingster® are:

  • Can only be used in 1 point configuration
  • Pad is shorter / narrower
  • Steel welded ring allows smooth mobility of the weapon from dominant to non dominant shoulder
  • Adjustable webbing link that mounts to weapon

Its rapid adjust rubberized pull tab allows the ability to quickly transition your weapon from securely slung to combat ready. Includes the new Ferro Concepts Slingster® Pull Tab. The no-hole design and enhanced ribbed grip offers greater traction with or without gloves. Injection molded from high quality flexible rubber that maintains a ready position for quick adjustment of your Slingster®. Mounted securely with a black stainless-steel fastener.


  • Adjustable pad to maximize comfort
  • Removable pad allowing the use of a naked Slingster®
  • Open ended tail design gives users the choice of mounting hardware. (Mounting hardware not included)
  • Custom injection molded Slingster Pull Tab
  • Custom welded steel common loop
  • Made in the USA
  • Berry Compliant / Trade Act Compliant