Revision Speed Demon Sunglasses

$ 229.40
SKU: 4-0756-0006
Color: Umbra Lens / Black Frame

Revision has partnered with Fast Metal®* to present Revision Speed Demon Sunglasses, made in USA sunglasses with ANSI Z87.1+ impact protection.


• METAL FRAME – All metal frame made out of Aluminum 7075 Alloy with 7 barrel hinge, dual screws

• I-VIS LENS TECHNOLOGY – System of six I-Vis lenses were developed using artificial intelligence. The resulting lenses allow you to experience greater color depth in a given environment versus the naked eye.

• ANTI-FOG – OcuMax® coating protects against fogging and scratching

• LENSES – Field replaceable lenses



  • Geographical Location – Our most technically complex lens designed to thrive in the widest range of environments and settings.
  • Lens Performance – Excels at separating colors, expanding the volume of color visible to the soldier in many environments. If the soldier is unsure of the mission profile, this is the lens to use.
  • Geographical Location – Modeled for dense, lush foliage including trees, rocky areas, and limited sky visibility through the canopy.
  • Lens Performance – VLT is maximized for this lens since operations will be conducted in densely forested areas where the canopy heavily shades the terrain. Foreign objects will stand out, as will differences in the foreground landscape.


  • Geographical Location – Modeled for use in areas like northern Europe, Scandinavia, the Baltics, and Poland.
  • Lens Performance – Brings out color contrast in overcast, snow-covered scenes that are dominated by whites and grays found in snowy wooded areas, rocks, and mountains. This lens will help soldiers better see the undulations of snowpack, identify recently covered tracks, estimate distances, and makes man-made structures, vehicles, and people stand out.
  • Aluminum 7075 Alloy Frame
  • Lenses with Lens Inserts
  • Microfiber Pouch
  • Case