Shaw Concepts ARC Admin Pouch

$ 70.00
SKU: 001-004-001-001
Color: MultiCam

 Admin Pouches to date have been lacking in form and function. They've typically either been too large and in the way of rifle magazines or been too small and couldn't carry much.  Out of frustration with the options available we sought out to solve this by designing an Admin Pouch that stays out of the way of rifle magazines plus the user's range of motion while also carrying mission documents, End User Devices (also know as phones) and other small tools. For dedicated EUD users EUDs can be completely attached via Adhesive Hook (Not Included) and protected with an enclosed pouch.

     The main design consideration of the ARC Admin Pouch was its shape, specifically how to shape it to stay out of the way of magazines being drawn, PTTs (Push To Talks) and Placard Buckles while also not standing off the plate bag too much. We addressed this by having the pouch tapered downward and  having a "ramped" bottom. This allows the magazines to be extracted without hitting a pouch ledge.

     On the interior is a Loop Field for Attaching EUDs with Hook backing or additional organization. Two loops can be found to Dummy Cord important items and Elastic Loops are available for tools on top of the flat pocket meant for flat items and documents. Two EUD Cable Ports can be found on the bottom corners for interfacing to communication devices outside the Admin Pouch. Outside on the bottom are two One Wrap strips of webbing that act as cable management and as anchoring straps into any remaining Molle/Pals underneath. 


-Tapered Body & "Ramped" Bottom

-External Loop Field for Patches/Identification (~6" x 3.5")

-One Wrap Cable Management / Anchors

-Clam Shell Zipper Opening

-Internal Flat Pocket

-Internal Elastic Retention Loops

-Internal Loop for EUD (~5" x 3" Loop - Can hold ~6.5" x 3.5" Phone)

-Internal Dummy Cord Points

-Positive Lock Cordage Zipper Pulls

-Laser Cut Molle/Pals Mounting Straps

-500D Cordura Construction

MOLLE/PALS Footprint:

-Mounts to Four Columns Wide & Two Rows

-Covers 6" Wide and 4" Down

Made in the USA / Berry Compliant

*Magazines, Gear and other accessories not included*