Shaw Concepts Double Elastic Pistol (DEP) Pouch

$ 26.00
SKU: 001-013-001-001
Color: MultiCam

There are plenty of Pistol Mag Pouches out on the market, some of them decent but few have the required retention and limited footprint we demand from a pistol pouch. So we designed our own.

The main consideration for the DEP Pouch is tight retention which is achieved by a doubled layer of 3" Elastic (surprise surprise given its in the name) as well as a friction pad on the interior made of HANK (High Abrasion Neoprene Kevlar). We chose a 3" Elastic as it allows both Full Size and Compact Handgun Magazines to stick out sufficiently for a more confident grasp. The body and mounting is comprised of a Cordura Laminate that keeps the weight down while keeping the pouch durable.

NOTE: This pouch attaches to most PALS systems and will need two PALS columns. This pouch is designed for double stacked magazines. 



-Doubled Up Mil-Spec Elastic for Tight Mag Retention

-HANK Lined Inner for Friction & Retention

-Loops for Shockcord Retention if Desired

-3" Deep Coverage to Allow Sufficient Grasp of the Magazine

-MOLLE / PALS Mounting


Weight: 0.8 Oz


Dimensions & Footprint:

-Mounts to One Column Wide & Two Rows Down

-Dimensions ~1.5" Wide, .1" Deep & 3" Tall


Made in the USA / Berry Compliant

*Magazines, Gear and other accessories not included*