Spiritus Fat Strap Mk4

$ 49.95
Color: Black

The Fat Strap MK4 is a universal H-harness solution designed to work with the Micro Fight Chassis, 34 A Split Chest Rig, and Thing 2 expansion chassis. This reduced profile design now includes an updated Squadron overlay panel with more horizontal mounting points for PTTs and other equipment, as well as shock cord holes for mounting other kit. A loop field patch on the back completes the Straps for placement of name tapes or IR Markers. Brilliance in the Basics means that we constructed these without complicated yoke systems or unnecessary features. 

The Fat Strap MK4 is a single strap. You do NOT need to order two to complete your Micro Fight or 34A Split Chest Rig. You only need to order ONE. 


NOTE: The FAT STRAP is part of the Spiritus Systems Micro Fight and 34A Chest Rig Systems. This item does not include the chassis, back strap, magazine inserts, or any other accessories. 

Some images are shown with optional accessories, sold separately.