Spiritus The Delta Bag

$ 299.95
Color: MultiCam

The Delta Bag is a compact, assault medic bag that is designed to be worn over a plate carrier and hold a wide variety of medical supplies and equipment. The front of the bag is divided into three uniformly sized compartments with diagonal zipper access that enables the end user to quickly access the entire pocket without having to reposition any of its contents. The unique configuration also aids in passive retention of gear when the compartment is opened. The main compartment of the Delta Bag is a clamshell design with two full fields of loop that can accept any hookbacked accessories (including the entire line of Spiritus Systems utility inserts, and other 3rd party products).

***Accessories, Attachments/Inserts, Med Gear sold separately. Includes the bag and straps only.***

The bag can be transported with the clamshell in the open position from location to location using the integrated briefcase handles, and provides an intuitive workstation when emergency medical care is being administered. The back side of the pack features two slim compartments for keeping flat-pack items secure and damage free, and keeps the pack close to the body when worn.

The included straps for the delta bag are removeable and replaceable with any 3rd party straps that attach with 1” webbing. The bag features four sewn-in metal tri-glide mounting points for strap integration. The Delta bag features mesh and metal eyelets in key locations for full water drainage capability, and is designed to remain effective and accessible in austere environments.

MAIN POCKET INTERNAL DEMENSIONS: Length 9 in. / Width 2.5 in. / Height 6 in.

FRONT POCKET INTERNAL DEMENSIONS: Length 8 in. / Width 2.5 in. / Height 4.5 in.