Spiritus The Muff Handwarmer

$ 119.95
Color: Black

The MUFF is a stowable, sub-abdominal handwarmer designed in collaboration with our friends over at WRMFZY. It was built to remedy to the pain of operating in cold temperatures, and having nowhere for hands to retreat to in between fine motor skill tasks. Unlike much bulkier offerings, The MUFF is designed to be compact and stay out of your way when not in use. It also features a multi-purpose gear pocket, so the wearer does not have to sacrifice as much valuable storage real estate on the body in exchange for maintaining finger dexterity in the winter.

***No plate carrier, accessories, or attachments included. Includes the handwarmer pouch and waist strap only.***

The MUFF can be mounted to the bottom of a Spiritus Systems plate carrier or chest rig system using the integrated hook & loop tab, or as a standalone waist pack when used with the included waist strap. The MUFF features a compressible main compartment that is lined with Polartec Wind Pro ® and capped on both sides with an elastic cuff that helps seal in heat and keep out wind when in use. The outer shell is a combination of stretch woven and Cordura for a functional mixture of comfort, and abrasion resistance in high-wear areas.

The MUFF can be stowed by folding in the cuff edges and then rolling up the primary compartment until the two zipper halves meet and can be connected. Re-deploying is a quick and easy single-zip process.