I have been part of the Tactical Distributors family for over two years.  I am the only lady in the bunch, so I have different interests in our products. I have learned a ton about the tactical industry and products that make our customers life easier and allow them to be more effective.  When it comes down to it, I still gravitate to the colorful glow fading in & out of what it is comparable to a kids arm floatie.  Like a summer bug to a porch light.  Hands down, Luci Light's are by far my personal favorite product we carry.  

Multiple different colored Luci Lights

I have given countless Luci Aura's as gifts. I gave my mom two as stocking stuffers and she put them in her white cubed shelves in her living room, the color fills the whole square.  I have sent one to my friend in/from Japan with specific instructions on how to get to the multi-color setting.  They are compressed and deflated in the packaging and very light weight, they were made for shipping, traveling & being mobile.  They are inflatable, solar powered and have several color settings.  My fav setting is the transitional glow through all the diff colors.  My own collection decorates my patio.

Luci Lights on string above porch

They withstand all the elements.  Everyone who has received one raves about it.  The price is right & the functions are impressive.  

Luci lights in pool

Great for outdoors, camping, patio drinks or to store in your car for an emergency.  If your looking for a cool gift for someone or want to treat yourself.  Get one of these MPOWERED Luci's in your life.

Jesse Curtis