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RVCA is a clothing company that is based in southern California.  Even if you don’t recognize RVCA by their name, you probably will recognize them by their company’s logo.  The letter ‘A’ in the RVCA is portrayed without a crossbar, while the V sometimes is shaped like a U.  Starting to ring a bell now? 

            Founded by Pat Tenore and Conan Hayes, who are professional surfers, RVCA is very closely associated with the surfing and skateboard culture and communities.  The company regularly serves as a sponsor for surfing and skateboard teams across the country.  As a result of this, it should come as no surprise that RVCA clothing can be found in both skateboard and surfing shops from all across the world.  But as we can see here, they’re also found in many gear and apparel sites online as well. 

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With a primary focus on art, RVCA is also associate with the graffiti subculture in addition to skateboarding and surfing.  Many contemporary art galleries in California, especially in the big cities of Los Angeles and San Francisco, are involved with RVCA.  It’s just one example of how RVCA can show their integrity by building high quality items and then give back to their community. 

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 Here are some of the most recent RVCA products found in the New Arrivals section here on Tactical Distributors:

RVCA Outpost Knit Shirt
    • The RVCA VA Sport Outpost will serve well as your new workout buddy in the gym. To be more specific, this is a short sleeve shirt, with a crew neck top and a closed cell mesh.  But the neatest feature about this shirt is how durable it is.  RVCA wisely constructed it out of material to make it fast drying and moisture wicking, meaning it can hold up well for many years in adverse conditions.  As a true athlete’s shirt, the Outpost Knit shirt is designed for maximum mobility and comfort thanks to the athletic flat lock seams. 
    RVCA Banding Hybrid Boardshorts
      • The RVCA Banding Hybrid board shorts features all of the usual nice looking designs that you would expect on RVCA surfing products. Constructed out of fifteen percent spandex and eighty five percent polyester, these shorts work well for both daily activities and for surfing.  Featuring a hook and loop with zipper a draw cord closure, triple stitching for extra durability, and side seam pockets, these shorts are  versatile enough for day to day life as well as being built strong enough to last a lifetime.  RVCA’s trademark embroidery is featured on the left side of the shorts. 
      RVCA Eastern 20-inch Board Shorts
        • The impressive design of these shorts will be enough for you to standout even in the crisp waves of the ocean. Constructed out of fifteen percent spandex and eighty five percent polyester, these shorts feature a flapped patch pocket located on the right side of the shorts, and also have a hook and loop closure.  The RVCA logo embroidery is located on the left side of the shots on a pocket. 
        RVCA Balance Box Trucker
          • Wait a minute, a clothing company that primarily does business selling items related to surfing and skateboarded manufacturers a trucker hat? You bet they do!  Not only should that show how RVCA is willing to step out of their comfort zone, the quality of the actual trucker hat is more than decent as well.  This is an ottoman foam trucker hat that has an embossed logo on the front and the VA woven label on the back.
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            RVCA Startup T-Shirt
              • It takes a lot of work to get started up on a daily exercise or sport, and the RVCA Startup T-shirt will work just as hard as you can. Thanks to the one hundred percent polyester material that this shirt is constructed out of and the interlock jersey knits that wicks moisture, this shirt is a true non-nonsense athletes shirt that you will keep you both mobile and comfortable as you workout next time at the gym.
              RVCA Benefits Hybrid Shorts
                • Whether you’re a guy on the go who wants style or a hardcore athlete who enjoys sports and working out at the gym, the RVCA Benefits Hybrid Shorts are built for maximum performance no matter what the activity. Made out of eighty five percent polyester and fifteen percent elastane material, these shorts feature slash pockets in the front and two welt pockets in the back, with VA embroidery in the front coin pocket. 
                RVCA Patch T-Shirt
                  • For a combination of style and performance in a T-shirt, there is simply no better choice than the RVCA patch T-shirt. Made out of one hundred percent cotton with a front chest logo screen print, the Patch T-shirt will serve you well for many years to come. 
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                  RVCA is awesome!

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