The Stand Your Ground “SYG” tactical jean is one of the highest-rated options for tac pants that we offer here at TD. Made for the everyday tactical man, this comfortable yet practical design can’t be beaten. SYG tactical jeans are designed to look like an average pair of jeans while concealing seven high-capacity pockets perfect for your everyday carry needs. With your EDC lifestyle in mind, this product is made to be durable, long-lasting, and ultimately utilitarian. Once you buy a pair of these jeans, you might be unable to wear anything else!

Durable Denim – Your Everyday Tac Pants

The SYG Tactical Jean is a perfect choice for everyday tac pants. Made with 12oz high-stretch denim, they move and stretch with your body as you wear them. The cotton and polyester fabric blend is optimal for stretch, comfort, and durability. You can throw the jeans in the washer and dryer with the rest of your laundry without worrying about color bleed or shrinkage. All of the seams are sewn with double-needle stitching using a high-quality polyester thread and bar-tacking and rivets were used as extra reinforcement in high-stress areas of the pants. Every aspect of the design was thought over for heavy wear and tear. Our goal with this product was to offer you a pair of jeans that will last through all of your missions and adventures, to support you for as long as you need them.

These jeans were designed to survive the rigors of tactical use, but their casual design means they can be worn daily. There is no limit to when and where the SYG jeans can be worn. The durable denim blend can withstand dirt, mud, heat, and friction. And the color options of indigo blue and faded black means that they’re suitable to wear in everyday life.

Tactical Jean with a Low Profile, Conceal Carry Design

These tactical jeans have seven reinforced pockets, including two traditional pockets and one coin pocket in the front, plus two traditional and two concealed carry pockets in the rear. The two front pockets can hold everyday items like keys, lighters, and multitools. The coin pocket near the body is a great place to carry a knife, a small loaded magazine, or any number of EDC items. The back pockets are wide enough to carry your phone and wallet, but shallow enough so that they don’t hang too low on the seat of the pants. And, of course, the star feature is the two hidden pockets in the back of the pants. Sewn just above the two traditional rear pockets, these pockets are perfect for concealing a small handgun, any other EDC weapon of choice, or even valuables you want to keep safe while you travel. Since they sit higher on the jean, the bulk is much easier to conceal under an un-tucked shirt.

Check out our full line of TD Apparel for more durable, everyday designs! You’re sure to notice that concealed carrying has never been so easy or comfortable.



Frankie Collins