The Arc'teryx LEAF Cold WX Parka SVX is the perfect piece of protective gear for special missions conducted in extremely cold weather. This elite-level tactical parka is fully waterproof and wind-proof, efficiently and effectively protecting the body from the elements. The top priority when engaging in wilderness missions is protecting the body from moisture. If under-layers of clothing become wet, it becomes extremely difficult to keep the body warm. The Arc'teryx LEAF Parka was specifically made to withstand heavy wear and tear during tactical use and ultimately protect the wearer from harm.

The parka's nylon and down-filled construction is lightweight enough for extended hiking and traveling but heavyweight enough to keep tactical personnel fully protected from the dangers of extreme cold. The parka is fully insulated from wind, cold, rain, and snow with advanced, top-of-the-line Gore-Tex nylon blend fabrics. With drawcord waist compression and arm cuff Velcro closures, the jacket forms a seal around the body, helping to regulate body temperature.

Extra articulation has been built into the shoulders and elbows, allowing for a full range of motion while wearing. It doesn't fit extremely close to the body, so layering underneath is possible and even comfortable. The custom StormHood™ protects the neck and back from drafts and is made to fit over a helmet if needed. Zippered and removable, the hood is also compatible with the use of goggles. A centerline dual zip closure fitted with a #5 Vision zipper makes donning and doffing the parka easy work, while removable HemLock™ foam inserts will keep it in place while wearing harnesses and hip belts.

The Arc'teryx LEAF Parka is constructed for full tactical performance, so it features four internal flat mesh pockets for the storage of handheld radios, food, and other mission essentials. The six external pockets are fully insulated from the cold and are fitted with waterproof zippers. Pockets on the upper arms and chest are perfect for easy-access equipment storage, and the chest pockets include media ports for the internal routing of communication cables. The two lower torso pockets serve as hand-warmers when not wearing gloves and are deep enough to safely store tools and equipment.

The outer shell of the Arc'teryx LEAF Parka is made from Arc'teryx's signature Gore-Tex L&F 3-layer 30D nylon plain weave fabric, and the inner lining is made from Gore-Tex Windstopper 2-Layer 40D nylon plain weave. The inside of the jacket is filled with Allied 850 fill Power Grey Goose Down, fully insulating against frigid temperatures. This military-grade combination is moisture-wicking, breathable, and ultimately comfortable for prolonged use. The thin layers make the piece compact and easy to store away in a backpack or tactical bag. Gore-Tex nylon is long-lasting and durable, making it a good investment for long-term use.

Ultimately, the Arc'teryx LEAF Cold WX Parka SVX is our top recommendation for cold weather protective tactical gear. If you want to protect yourself and your team while also wearing apparel specifically made to suit the needs of your mission, then this parka is the way to go.

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Jesse Curtis