TD Followers,

Johnny B here with Tactical distributors. I am fortunate enough to have been working for TD  the past year. My experience level in TD clothing and gear comes from my years spent in the military and shooting for both recreation and sport. The ideas and opinions in my posts strictly come from my experiences and should by no means be used as a deciding factor when building your kit. As I always say, everything is shooter preference as long as the bullets are on target. 

Last weekend, a friend needed a little gun therapy. Low on cash, we decided to build a make shift range at a family farm. We cut and ground the steel silhouette, grabbed chain, and through up a stand to hang it all together. By the time we finished, the temperature had risen to 90* but our balls and wieners were cool and dry with the bad ass Battle Briefs.

Battle Briefs


Furthermore, my day did not feel like I was trapped in agony, but instead I was able to create hell wearing the TD Carlos Rays and TD Shooter Shirt. Both kept the ball and back sweat off the body so I could focus putting bullets on target. The tone of the day was set by the gear provided by TD and I won’t hit the range without it. 

TD Shooter Shirt
TD Carlos Rays
John Ball