Are you an active duty service member, veteran, National Guard or reservist looking to purchase a home but aren’t sure where or how to secure financing? Well, you’re in luck. Recently, the fine folks at RE Factor Tactical published a comprehensive, no-nonsense VA Loan guide covering everything from the various types of VA Loans to the strengths and weaknesses of a slew of different lenders, including the Top 10 Best VA Lenders.

Caveat emptor- Amidst the ever-growing number of crazy-competitive/expensive real estate markets, the old Latin for “buyer beware” rings truer today more than ever. When it comes time to buy a house be prepared to navigate a sea of curiously valued properties and variously shady real estate agents. If you’re not well, a seaman, let RE Factor Tactical steer the ship when it comes to evaluating potential lenders. In an altogether stressful process, “securing the bag” (read: money) can be the biggest and most intimidating hurdle to clear. While checking out this guide WON’T protect you from being beguiled by the oily charms of Barry the Real Estate Magician, it WILL take the guess-work out of the loan process.

If you’ve perused many of the buyer’s guides found online these days (that goes for any product or service) you probably noticed they tend to be puff-pieces devoid of much substantive information. Many of these “guides” are entirely comprised of info you could find yourself in about three seconds, or they completely ignore any negative characteristics of the product or service in question. Not the case here. A veteran-owned and operated company, RE Factor Tactical wrote this guide to give you the best intel available so you can be confident in your eventual decision.

Entering a business arrangement? There are always best practices to consider before you sign that dotted line. The transaction we make when we purchase real estate will be, for most of us, the largest transaction of our lives. It’ll always be stressful, but with the help of this aggressively thorough cheat-sheet it can be a lot less scary.

For starters: this report will provide you with background info on all these companies, including how many millions of dollars of loans they issued recently. This will give you a sense of scale and volume for each particular operation.

RE Factor Tactical identified some key metrics by which they evaluated this gang of potential money-men:

  • Interest Rates
  • State-by-state availability
  • Digital /analog strength (ability to handle online applications as well as in-person)
  • Better Business Bureau Ranking
  • Customer service notes on sales and marketing culture
  • Percentage of VA Loans relative to overall business

As intel goes, this report is an embarrassment of riches! It’s breadth and depth extend beyond specifics on percentage rates and online presence; even if you have no idea what a VA Loan is or why you might be interested in one, RE Factor Tactical has the answers.

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