Comfort in Your Kit

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Bio: The author of this post is a multiple tour combat war veteran. As one of the lead trainers for Tomahawk Strategic Solutions he consults with LEO, Government Agencies and Enterprise Clients to pass along the skill sets he has developed while on active duty. Tomahawk Strategic Solution’s mission is to help achieve your mission to acquire the critical skills and necessary knowledge to confront modern day threats and to address a broad range of emergency situations. 635593739376614836-js-02-13-scouts-5 Law Enforcement officers are our first line of protection from modern day threats. As the first line of protection, they are expected to handle a wide variety of situations. Due to this expectation, they carry a lot of equipment. Having recently retired from the military, I understand the expectation and the need to carry necessary equipment. The key word here is- Necessary. I have continued my service to this great nation and started a law enforcement training company that focuses on training the modern day officer in active shooter best practices, tactical training, streamlining their “first line” gear, and many other things. My time in service taught me many things, one of the most valuable things, which is far overlooked, was how to streamline your first line gear. First line gear is what you are wearing on your person, which is needed immediately in a tactical situation. Streamlining your gear will promote agility, speed, and overall comfort in your surroundings. The theory of “if it has been on your kit for 3-5 operations, and you haven’t used it- take it off” is a very simple and valid way to evaluate your gear and what belongs, or does not belong. Just because it doesn’t belong, doesn’t mean you do not keep/ take it. The items you remove belong in a backpack or something of the sort that is accessible in your car, and potentially to the door of an entry if they are your second/ third line items. First line gear is your life saving gear that needs to be simple, and practical. Simple and practical equate to lives saved vs. lives lost in a complex situation such as an active shooter or serving a high-risk warrant. While this sounds extreme, it is absolutely what is expected on any given day from our first line of protection- Law Enforcement Officers. As an officer, your comfort in your kit, will ensure better comfort when a stressful situation arises. It is on you to evaluate your first line gear. Consider the placement of pouches, and how it affects your primary/ secondary weapons presentation, your movements through doorways, and how your kit helps you, rather than limit you in movement, or speed to get to gear you absolutely need. Stay safe gentleman. Key Points: - Streamline your gear. - If you don’t use it, loose it. - Carrie a secondary back up bag in your car (second and third line tactical equipment). - Assess your gear placement on your persons for easy of movement and comfort. boston-police-chase


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