Gun Safety Tips Not Taught in EDC Class

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Whether you have attended an EDC class or if you are just considering it, you probably know some basic gun safety tips. It is pretty common knowledge at this point that you don't put your finger on the trigger until you're ready to shoot as well as not to point the gun at anyone or anything you don't want to shoot. These basics are commonplace knowledge at this point, which is why we pulled together a list of gun safety tips not taught in EDC class.

These gun safety tips not taught in EDC class will go through some basics that may not be covered, but are very necessary for any gun owner to know.

  • Keep your gun unloaded when not in use. This one may have been discussed, but if not, it's a good reminder. Now, in use means if you are carrying, then you need to have your weapon loaded, however, if you are putting it in the drawer for the night, leave it unloaded. Ideally, a gun safe will hold it, but even then you want the gun unloaded inside the safe just in case someone manages to get into the safe.
  • Check the barrel for obstructions before firing. Obviously, you don't want to point the gun at your face to check, but you do want to make sure your barrel is clear of anything that could block it. This is especially important if you happen to have dropped your gun in water or dirt and are afraid something may have gotten in the barrel.
  • Know what you're aiming at. If for any reason, you are not certain of what you are pointing your weapon at, then you need to lower your weapon immediately. If you are not 100% certain that you are aiming your weapon at a target or at an attacker, then you don't need to be firing your weapon.
  • Don't depend on your gun's safety. How many times have you put your safety on your gun and then decided all is well? If ever, that's a habit you'll need to change. Anyone who is handling a gun should be aware that the safety is not a foolproof option for ensuring your gun doesn't fire accidentally or in the wrong hands.
  • Know what is behind your target. Whether you are at the range or in a life-threatening situation, you need to be aware of what is behind your target. At the range, it should be woods or a backstop that will catch any stray bullets, but out in the world, look for other people, people who could get injured by a stray bullet from your gun.
  • Use only the proper ammunition for your gun. Even though someone may have shared that you have similar caliber weapons, that does not mean that you can share ammunition. Using the improper cartridge or caliber can cause severe damage to the gun and even possibly to the gun handler.
  • Never use drugs or alcohol before shooting. This isn't just encompassing illegal drugs, this includes legal, OTC drugs like cold medicines, which could impair your ability to properly handle your weapon.

These gun safety tips not taught in EDC class are a bit more obscure, but very much obvious with a little bit of common sense.


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