Are you interested in a pair of tactical jeans equipped to accommodate your EDC and so much more?! We know you are! We had the Stand Your Ground (SYG) Jeans by TD Apparel put to the test as a great, affordable option for those who want utility paired with everyday comfort. They fit just like your favorite jeans, made with high-stretch denim and straight legs to allow for any type of boot to be worn—from cowboy to work boots—the difference in our SYG jean lies in the seven reinforced pockets for high-capacity concealed carry.

SYG Jeans

Jean Construction

The two front pockets are great for keys, flashlights, and any number of EDC items. The coin pocket sewn close to the body is a secure place to carry a knife, loaded mag, or actual coins if you choose. The back pockets are wide enough to carry phones and wallets but not too deep where you'd have to go fishing to find them. And the best feature of all is the two hidden pockets in the back of the pants. Sewn just above the two traditional rear pockets, these are awesome for concealing a small handgun or any other weapon of choice. Since they sit higher on the jean, the bulk is much easier to conceal under an un-tucked shirt. The overall construction of the jeans is strong and well-thought-out. The stitching at the seams is high-quality, and rivets were used to reinforce high-tension areas of the pants. Multiple belt loops were designed to fit average-width belts and carry the weight of your concealed kit. The available size range can accommodate most men.

Ideal Jeans for Every Activity, Every Day

Some great uses for these jeans could include a day on the shooting range with your buddies, hiking in the mountains, going on a camping trip, working outside on a construction project, working with animals on a farm or ranch, and even taking your special lady out on a date. No matter what activities you engage in while wearing these jeans, they will hold up. Go ahead and spend a few hours working on the car, spend a day with your horse on a trail ride, or head to the range with your new AR-15 that you've been itching to try. The Stand Your Ground Jeans will last, no matter how you use them. You'll probably still be wearing the same pair in 10 years, and it is something that belongs in every man's closet. After testing out the jeans for everyday wear and some outdoor activities, we were extremely happy with the product. Obviously, the design's guiding principle was to create a durable pant suited for tactical needs, but still comfortable and inconspicuous enough to be worn every day. Being able to conceal the weapons you carry comfortably and effectively is incredibly important, and the Stand Your Ground jean is the perfect tactical apparel option to accommodate that. Order a few pairs for yourself today! We promise you won't be disappointed.


Jesse Curtis