Recoil Reviews the SYG Jean

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Be sure to check out Recoil's in depth review on the Stand Your Ground Jean in their EDC: 10 Things for Every Day Christmas blog post.

"SYG Jeans from Tactical Distributors Inc. (TDI). SYG is the acronym they chose for Stand Your Ground; they’re “concealed carry” pants that aren’t stupid, and like a whole bunch of stuff on their website they’re 30% off today. They’re comfortable, functional, well designed, with a total of 10 pockets to carry every sort of EDC necessity and then some. Among those is an internal back pocket mag pouch that will hold your wallet so it doesn’t slide down to the bottom part of your ass cheek — which is handy, assuming you don’t need that spot for an AR15 magazine. Previously available in a fair range of size, they’ve recently expanded some of their size options."

Remember,they’re not a huge company, so it’s not like they could oblige everyone from Tyrion to the Mountain. The expanded size list now includes 32×34, 34×34, 36×34, 42×30, and 42×32. Note that they do still have the MultiCam patch and a Velcro field on them. If that gives you a case of the red ass, don’t buy them. Both MC and hook-and-loop fields are all but ubiquitous these days, so as long as you don’t blouse your boots and get an operator or III% tattoo on your neck you should be okay.

              There are multiple belt loops to help support the weight of loaded magazines or whatever else you’re carrying (some people walk around like a mobile flea market) and a good stretch fit so you can wear them with hiking boots or cowboy boots without looking like you’re in skinny jeans.  Some of us wore these during the Trails Found 16 event in the Arizona backcountry, and they will take a beating. They’ve held up very well so far, and we continue to wear them during other events for an extended review.

Seriously folks, lighten up. Are these going to hide you in plain sight from everyone? Nope. Not if they’re really switched on, but in that case they’re more likely to pick up on your demeanor and body language before your clothes. The vast majority of people will be utterly clueless as that kind of pants you’re wearing and what you have in them. Plus, if you wear your shirts untucked (which you’d be doing if you were carrying concealed) there’s a good chance some of it will be covered up anyway.  At less than $70 MSRP (below $50 as of this writing with the special) they’re worth the price. Learn more or buy a pair right here.

Try the SYG for  yourself and make sure to leave your full review on the product page!


TD Stand Your Ground Jean


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