How to Clean Tactical Materials

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When you buy tactical gear and apparel, you want it to last for as long as possible. Part of ensuring a long lasting item is making sure regular cleaning occurs. The matter of how to clean tactical materials will depend on the material and the item. Here are a few tips to keep in mind as you clean your collection.

  1. Check the tag

When it comes to how to clean tactical materials, you always want to check the care instruction tag. This will tell you how to best care for the item in terms of whether it can be machine washed or hand washed, as well as drying instructions. There will be a tag on just about all apparel and gear, but you can also check with the manufacturer of the product regarding care instruction if need be.

  1. Know the material

Aside from checking the tag, simply knowing the basics of common tactical material care can be a big help. For instance, polyester blends are typically machine washable just like cotton, but leather has a different set of care needs. When it comes to how to clean tactical materials, figuring out the material is a key step.

  1. Take extra care with leather

When dealing with leather tactical gear, such as holsters or gloves, you need to take special care as you clean it. This material is durable, but it needs to be cleaned in certain ways. For instance, you want to avoid overly hot water as it can shrink the material and you never want to put it in a dryer. You will also likely need to oil it a bit to get the original appearance and remove any scuffs.

  1. Know how to wash waterproof gear

Since a lot of popular tactical gear is waterproof to help keep the wearer dry and comfortable, cleaning this special material can come up often. Many people wonder how washing waterproof clothing in a washing machine can possibly get the apparel clean since it's waterproof, but it is about the detergent used and not the water of the washing machine. You should use special waterproof material detergent for this type of tactical gear which gets the dirt and sweat out while maintaining the waterproof coating.

  1. Know the best way to dry the material

A big part of proper cleaning is knowing the right way to dry the material. Again, this will come down to the material type and general care guidelines. For example, leather should never go in the dryer, polyester is dryer safe, and waterproof materials can be tumble dry for the most part.


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