The creation of Morale Patches originated long ago with the military.  They used these patches to identify different units, increase the morale within commands and some where even made to commemorate special events that took place.
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morale patch bears
morale patch dia de las piernas
Fast forward to present time, the “Morale Patch” market has become increasingly popular in the last 5-6 years, some even compare the hobby to Pokemon!  The “Gotta Catch Em All” collector is willing to spend hundreds if not thousands on their collections.  Collecting is in our DNA, it has been since we we’re children collecting cracker jack toys and Baseball cards.  Some people collect patches for investment, yet some must wonder how a Limited Edition Morale Patch can become worth thousands of dollars.( We’ll get into that soon) Some collect for pure enjoyment – it’s exciting and fun!  Some collect to expand their social lives, attending trade shows or Joining one of the many patch groups on social media and exchanging information with like-minded souls.  People just like collecting things and in my opinion Morale Patches are like the "Tactical Baseball Cards" of 2016!

LBX 30" Loop Wall Panel LBX 30" Loop Wall Panel The “Revolution” as some may call it has given people a way to express themselves through hook and loop.  With hundreds of thousands of different and unique designs available out there your surely able to find something that peaks your interest, from Movie Parodies to Pro 2A designs, there’s a virtual Morale Patch Mall online nowadays. 

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morale patch "this is moral patch"
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MSM Pork Eating Crusader Patch MSM Pork Eating Crusader Patch

I get asked a lot from customers and collectors: “Why is this patch sooooo expensive?” “What makes it worth that much?”  “It’s just Thread and Velcro!”  The answer is simple..  Supply and demand! Let’s say a Limited Edition Patch just dropped (only 100 made) it'll usually sell out in seconds because of the exclusivity of it.  Whether its because people like the design or it’s made by a well known company. Either way like many other hobbies, an item that is Limited usually sells out faster and demands a much higher price in the secondary markets, sometimes upwards of 1000% of what they paid for retail.  The idea of creating Limited Edition patches isn’t new.  Companies have been doing them for years.  Some create them as Incentives for purchasing more product on their website.  Some create them just for that “Exclusivity” factor.  Some smaller companies even do Limited Runs as to not have a ton of stock.  Whatever the case, Limited Edition patches are definitely generating more interest and keeping those hardcore collectors on their toes!!Whether your a hard core collector with disposable income or just a guy or gal that wants to express yourself the Morale Patch industry has something for everyone.  Collect what you like and display your collection with pride.  Go ahead give it a try, I promise you’ll be hooked! Brandon Lewis President AONO

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