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TD is pleased to announce that we were hand selected to launch the Atlas 8 Dry Fire Laser Training Target System. We have been working with Salted Earth to launch this new innovative product. There is nothing on the market that has the capabilities and diversity that the Atlas 8 has. Whether you are a civilian that wants to train more or in a familiar surrounding or you are an officer that needs to run scenario based training exercises Atlas 8 will work.
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The Atlas 8 target, is a robust real time dry fire target that gives the user instant feedback. It has a rugged case, full color LED display, Adaptive sensors, audio feedback, status LED, USB port and easy to use navigation keypad. With it’s lithium battery you will get 8 full hours of training. Each target has a Wi-Fi transmitter and receiver that can be linked to multiple targets for boundless training options. Once you purchase the product Atlas 8 will continue to update you with new firmware and upgrades or the life of the system. Atlas 8 has 2 ways of shooting the target. You can buy the Tier 1 package. It comes with 1 Target and a laser conversion kit that fits most guns. Currently they only have it for 9mm caliber. Your second option is to buy the Tier 2 kit. This comes with a SIRT pistol and 1 target. Or you can just buy the target alone.
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Here are the 6 different modes you can train with. -Reaction and Trigger Control: This is a mode that will help you with your concealed or side arm draw stroke. It works like a shot timer. Shooter Ready……. Beep and then you draw and fire. The target will instantly give you your dray and shot time on the LED screen. This is great for muscle memory or if you want to get time on a new weapon. It will track the metrics and keep your data stored. -Accuracy and Trigger Control: This training mode makes the shooter focus on visual cues and target sizes. It will help you to increase your speed and target resignation. You can choose a shoot, no shoot mode, Target size mode and helps the shooter practice height over boar. You can also use this mode to work on reloads. The screen will prompt you to make a reload and you can track your time and accuracy on the next shot. -Memory and Cognitive Improvements: Need to work on your memory? Well this is a fun mode that works similar to the old game Simon Says. The LED target gives you a sequence of color and shapes. Then you have to repeat the shots in the same sequence. It gets harder and harder as you pass the levels. These are both Visual and audible prompts.
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-Decision Making and Crowd Control: This mode helps you work on shoot, no shoot targets. The display will change from a frown face “Shoot” to a smiley face “No Shoot” to help you discern between non hostile and hostile threats. You can increase your speed on this skill.
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-Shot Indicator Heat Map: This will allow the user to see the shot placement and you can also use the shoot, no shoot targets on this mode. The display can give you instant feedback or you can wait until after action to see the results. Mozambique Drill: Designed to place multiple shots on the target 0-9. So, the target will say 3, then you hit 3 times, next it may say 8 hit eight times then you can add reloads in the help with tactical reloads or just mag changes. This mode can also be used with multiple targets that are daisy chained together via Wi-Fi. For instance one target can be in one area of the room and the other catered around to emulate multiple threats.
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We had sometime to work with the Atlas 8. We used both our own guns (Glock 19, M&P Shield) with the laser conversion kits and the SIRT pistol. The conversion kit was easy to install. All you have to do is remove your barrel and put the devise inside. We were blown away at how applicable this system was for training and getting time on the trigger. We all do dry fire and draws but this takes it to another level and gives you instant feedback. You can now practice your draw, mag changes, point of impact, target acquisition and scenarios in your own home or wherever you want. We can’t wait to get one for the office. We hope that this brief post has helped you with your buying choice. If you have any questions regarding this please send us a note: info@tacticaldistributors.com or give us a ring 1-866-916-6905
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