This month TD has partnered with Magpul Industries to bring you their clothing and accessories lines. This is the first installment of Magpul products. Next year they are re-booting their clothing line with new styles and silhouettes for the active man! This stuff looks amazing and should be released starting Jan. 1 of 2018.

Let's talk about what we just got in this week. 

The DAKA Line of Essentials: For the EDC crowd or men who want to have a minimal wallet... Magpul is giving you a solution. It is USA made from a reinforced polymer fabric with an anti-slip surface. In this Line, there are several choices to hold your credit cards, business cards, id or cash. 

DAKA Everyday Wallet

DAKA Everyday Wallet

The next part of the DAKA line are the DAKA Organizational Pouches. These are great for the OCD nerds and for anyone who does activities that require gear and gadgets. Built from that same tough polymer infused fabric. Made to keep your stuff clean when in the rain, dirt, or dust. They come in a variety of sizes and colors. We use them around here to keep our ammo, pirates booty, wires/cords, guns in the safe and war trophies. The DAKA pouch line also has pouches for your suppressors. Made to keep your suppressors clean and clear. 

DAKA Organizational Pouches


Tees: Magpul has always had great graphics and product innovations. They really did a number with this season's tee selection. Made on a soft fitted 100%cotton tee. These tees are like no other when it comes to the softness. We stock a variety of graphics and tee colors for you to choose from. 

Magpul Microaggression Tee


Belts: About a year ago MAGPUL made one of the best conceal carry belts around. Designed for the gunfighter that needs to stay below the radar. The El-Buro is made from a tough reinforced polymer material that will not warp or sag when carrying a pistol. This material does not absorb water or sweat. It has a non-ferrous metal buckle to keep you secure. 

Magpul Belt


The "EL Original" is the beefier belt of the line. Made to look like a standard leather belt but it is not... Made with dual materials the first layer is a top grade bull leather hide that is fused with the reinforced polymer material to keep the leather from stretch and warping. Both belts come in a 1.25" width and a 1.5" width.

Gloves: MAGPUL CORE There are many tactical gloves on the market. That being said MAGPUL spent years developing and testing their line. A few months back they sent some gloves over to us to test. We have to say they did not fail us. The way they were able to give the user a refined tactile feel when manipulating a weapon or grabbing stuff out of your bag is unbelievable. Another great point to make here is that these gloves last... We have used a bunch of brands and the material choices MAGPUL used are premium and the durability tests show. Where other gloves rub and wear these gloves do not. 

MAGPUL CORE came heavy with the mission specific gloves. They came out with 6 styles for nearly every mission you want. Flight Gloves, Ranch Gloves, Technical Gloves, Patrol Gloves, Breach Gloves and the Breach Gloves. All made from materials and colors based on the mission they were made for. All of the gloves were designed around these tenants: Maximum dexterity, touch screen capability, comfort and durability. Some are more robust than others but each delivers based on the objective they were made for. 

Magpul Gloves

Headwear and Hats: MAGPUL is a brand the gun crowd knows delivers quality and innovation. When you wear a brands Logo or slogan you are saying you identify with that particular brand. That's why MAGPUL sells so many hats and tees. People want to support and identify with a company that stands behind their customers. MAGPUL has a ton of flavours to choose from. FlexFit, mesh, wool, snapback, embroidered, patches, velcro and colors. Tactical Distributors is proud to have them all. 

Magpul Hats

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Todd Askins