With 2018 upon us, Salomon FORCES has released more revised models and new products than ever before. Below you will find descriptions of the updated styles: XA PRO Mid, XA PRO 3D Mid GTX, Speedcross 4 Wide and the all New AR 670-1 Guardian boot! I will be reviewing what is different from the past styles and the new colors offered in these shoes. We Tactical Distributors are stoked at this new line up. Being the premier SALOMON FORCES Dealer in the US we have been waiting patiently for some of these new additions. 


If you have time please watch the video. Our in-house staff created a comprehensive 4k video looking into all of the new features of the XA Pro Mid and Mid GTX.

For the rest of you I will go over some of the differences you will notice on the 2018 model vs. the previous model. Let's start with the upper: Made from the same material you will find in the QUEST 4D upper. This is a more robust ballistic nylon that is now double and triple needle stitched. They reduced most of the material overlay. These were points where the fabric would rub and wear through. 

Outsole: Here is where Salomon added extra to make the shoe more durable and robust. They added a few cm of rubber protection that reduced the risk of slipping or crushing of the feet. In addition to the more robust sole, they added additional space in the toebox for guys with wider feet. (Biggest complaint in the past) Inside Rope pad: You will notice that on the instep of the shoe is now a pad to protect the fabric from fast roping or climbing. All of these upgrades came from user requests down range. 

The XA MID Part number 401337 : colors will come in Black and Coyote Brown 

The XA MID GTX Part number 401381 : colors will come in Black, Coyote Brown and Ranger Green. 

XA MID Black
XA MID Coyote Brown
XA MID Ranger Green


Salomon Speedcross 4 Wide FORCES

Part number 401436

Birthed in the trail running sector of Salomon is the Speedcross model. This was developed for running on tough mountain trails where the ground continually shifts from loose rocks to grass. Built on a rugged and aggressive tread pattern this shoe is the lightest style in their offerings. 

Here are the updates: You will notice in the product description it says wide. This is because previously in the Speedcross 3 the last was made for the European foot which is narrower than the US foot. We at TD know this is a welcome change. We would get returns on a regular basis because the shoe was too narrow. 

They updated the rubber on the tread pattern to last longer and to give you more grip on wet surfaces. You will also, there are some aesthetic changes to the details. They completely blacked out all the logos and dropped a few small logos. The foot cage that the laces pass through has been redesigned to give a more true fit when pulled tight. The Speedcross FORCES 4 has the same speed lace system and lace garage as its predecessors. This is a true assault shoe that is made to be fast. 


Speedcross FORCES 4


Salomon FORCES Guardian

Part number 400358 

The first Salomon FORCES AR 670-1 compliant boot. This boot took years to develop. Made for long marches or days on your feet. It has an 8" upper made from a combination of materials approved by the US Army. Nubuck leather, anti debris mesh with gusseted tongue and closed eye loops. The Nubuck is easily cleaned and will not get damaged easily. The Outsole is the high traction Contragrip with an aggressive lug pattern. The midsole is made from an injected EVA material. These boots are ultra lightweight and rugged. Salomon has been the tier one operator's choice for over a decade and now they have a solution for all military. 

Salomon FORCES Guardian


See more information on the Salomon FORCES Guardian Combat Boot


Salomon Toundra FORCES CSWP

Salomon has been in the cold athletic business for a very long time. All of their knowledge and experience was put towards building the ultimate cold weather mission boot the Toundra FORCES CSWP. If you need something to keep your feet warm and mobile in sub 40-degree temperatures than this is the boot for you. Let's start with the outer components. The Toundra has a rubber toe cap, protective rubber heel cap and a wide last for extra warmth. In cold weather boots, you want extra room for air to warm and insulate your foot. The outsole is Salomon's patented Contra Grip and the midsole is a molded EVA material.  The outside upper materials are all waterproof and rugged. It has a ballistic nylon gusseted tongue to keep out moisture and debris. The inside has a fully waterproof breathable membrane and is fully lined with Aertherm (a space-age solid gas material that has high insulation properties). It is also lined with a synthetic fur to give you a soft lofty feel. This also alows air to get trapped and keep your foot warm. This boot is not for everyone but if you art going to artic type climates and need to move around this is for you.

Salomon Toundra FORCES CSWP
Brittany Washington