The journey continues in developing the perfect covert shirt.  Last year we developed our first iteration of the JedBurgh in collaboration with our friends at RE Factor Tactical. Our partnership and mission was to think about the needs and wants for our ideal end user.  A guy who wants to look sharp and be a sharp shooter.  We offered our 1st version at a deep discount to encourage our comrades to give us an honest T&E.  Upon purchase they received a follow up email a week or so later with a quick survey.  They evaluated all aspects including fit, color, weapon imprint, material, function, and ease of use.  For their time and feedback our testers received an exclusive friends and family offer.  It was a mutually rewarding experience for all involved, plus a great opportunity to engage the community. We collected valuable data and considered all suggestions in developing the 2nd generation of the snap up shirt that's ready to handle business and bid-ness!

JedBurg 2.0 Cover Shirt

You spoke, we listened!  The NEW & IMPROVED JedBurg 2.0 Cover Shirt is a shirt designed for those who carry, by those who carry. Based on your feedback, the main update is that we upgraded the weighted fabric in the conceal pockets located in the front, they are now silent but deadly(heh heh). Tactical Distributors and Re-Factor Tactical have set out to make the perfect cover shirt with the design help of our customers and professionals. 

Passport sized breast pocket


cover shirt in blue reveal


Cover shirt in grey reveal





The JedBurgh's appearance is designed to allow you to blend into everyday life. We offer an athletic cut that allows for enough room for your pistol but still gives a nice appearance for everyday wear. The new closures have been upgraded to rubber button low profile snaps that give you quick access to your pistol and the reinforced inner walls of the shirt help you clear the pistol for your draw. In addition, we placed pockets at the bottom of the shirt that said in swinging the shirt when conducting a draw. 

Finally, we include a stretch fabric throughout to allow you to easily present your pistol or maneuver if needed.

  • Designed by shooters for shooters
  • Athletic Fit w/Air-wicking material
  • Easy access pearl snaps
  • Passport sized breast pocket 3 total interior pockets for concealing 
  • Lower pockets aid in pistol draw
  • Inner reinforced areas reduce pistol "printing" and offer easy draw access
  • Stretch material offer the ability to present the pistol with or without concealed body armor
  • Fabric- 60% Cotton 35% Nylon 5% Elastan

We hope we nailed it this round & are looking forward to even more feed back from YOU.

For the full layout of features check out the video below & follow us on YouTube!

Jesse Curtis