There are many tactical belts on the market, but are they as practical as you desire? The GBRS Group Assaulter Belt System V2 is a unique, well-thought-out design created by Tier One Operators. 

Outer Belt and Inner Belt System

This unique belt consists of a 2-layer outer belt and a 2-part inner belt system. Made with non-metallic materials for non-permissive environments and everyday carry. 

The Outer Belt 

The outer belt or battle belt is reinforced with PALS webbing, laser cut from a semi rigid woven thermo-polymer. Attaching equipment, holsters, and accessories to the outer belt is both simple and trusting. With the belt being Molle compatible, it is easy to weave in & out accessories of your choice. Traditionally, you would mount your accessories directly to the fabric, but not on the Assaulter Belt.

This light-weight outer belt is designed for strength, durability, and comfort. Composed of nylon lined with Tegris, this belt provides a safe and strong solution to mount all your favorite accessories directly to the Tegris rather than the belt itself. Double stitched webbing enforces the secure attachment of the 1.75” Cobra buckle, with a D-ring attachment to the belt. The D-ring attachment is perfect for attaching a Personal Retention Lanyard or other equipment. The soft Velcro inner facing of the assault belt (loop), attaches to rough side of the inner belt Velcro(hook).  

The Inner Belt 

This 2-part system is designed to be multipurpose. The “hook”, also known as the inner belt, can not only be attached to the outer belt, but to the “shroud” too. The “shroud” is used to cover the inner belt when the Assaulter Belt System is not in use. This part of the system is convenient for when you are travelling or other cases when you would not need the Assaulter Belt attached.  

The Reverse Hook & Loop System  

On traditional “hook & loop” systems, the “hook” is faces towards the body. This in-turn causes discomfort, as the rough side of the Velcro begins to rub against the skin. The design of the GBRS Group Assaulter Belt System V2 eliminates that issue. GBRS Designed the “loop” to face towards the body in order to keep the belt comfortable. 

Pros and Cons of the Assaulter Belt System V2

  • The Reverse Hook & Loop System: The rough side of the Velcro is facing away from the body; less likely to rub against the skin.
  • True 2 Inches: The width of the belt is exactly 2 inches in width; Tek-Locks easily connect & slide comfortably.
  • Outer Sheath: This outer belt is used to cover the inner belt when the Assaulter Belt is not in use or needed.
  • Thicker End: This is the only area of the Assaulter Belt that Tek-Locks may take extra effort to sit comfortably. This end is folded back on itself and stitched together to strengthen the belt.
  • Harder Adjustment at First: The Assaulter Belt’s adjustment is through the Cobra Buckle, which makes it slightly more difficult to adjust. Although, this way there is less tendency for the belt to slip, even during heavy usage.

The Details 

The GBRS Group Assaulter Belt System V2 comes in a variety of colors: MAS Grey, Multicam Black, Multicam, Black, Coyote Brown, and Ranger Green. Sized to fit S/M (30-35) or L/XL (36-42). They offer a limited lifetime warranty against defects in materials or workmanship affecting the quality and function of their products when used in the correct manner. 

Who is GBRS Group? 
Global Battlefield Research Solutions was founded in 2019, by Cole Fackler and DJ Shipley, both former Seal Team Operators. They are passionate about their goal: the relentless pursuit of excellence to ensure the highest level of performance on and off the battlefield. Based in Virginia Beach, GBRS Group is committed to maintaining the highest standards of training excellence and their founders collectively possess more than 34 years of special operations experience. 

Tactical Distributors is proud to be one of the first vendors of this breakout brand.  Shop our selection of quality products from GBRS Group today!
Samantha Gardner